Christmas 1995

by Eugene The Oceanographer

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Eugene The Oceanographer / Sid & Joan.

Released 11th of September 2014.

Recorded November 2013 - June 2014.

Recorded at Church Street House, St Georges, Stakkabridge HQ, Sam Buchanan's Musical Laboratory and in various bedrooms.

Released by Maybles Labels.


released September 11, 2014


Sid & Joan - OP1, Sound Design.

Denson - Vocals.

DIY Drum Circle - Percussion (Djembe, Pan Drum, Slinky, Hi Hat) [Track 3]

Forrest Deity - Vocals.

J.F. Hancell - Vocals.

John McKeown - Clarinet.

Josef Charlton - Vocals.

Katie McDougall - Additional vocals on 'Steel Dragon 2000'.

Mark Javin - Bass.

Matthew O'Toole - Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Bass, Casio CTK-800, Casio DG-20, Casiotone 403, Hammond Organ, Samples, Synths (iPhone Garageband, Logic), Suzuki Omnichord, Tenor Saxophone, Vocals, Yamaha PSS-470.

Rachel Hillary - Vocals.

Sam Buchanan - Drums, Vocals.

Sarah Reid - Vocals.

Tim Schiazza - Vocals.

All songs written by Matthew O'Toole, recorded and produced by Matthew O'Toole and Sid & Joan, except Are You As Good As I Remember written by Dean Blunt.

Additional mixing and recording by Sam Buchanan.

Cover photograph taken by Terence O'Toole.








all rights reserved


Matthew J. O'Toole Manchester, UK

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Track Name: Introduction (Claes Oldenburg)
It finally happened,
I wasn't prepared,
Not unlike a tsunami...

When I was in new york,
Two years ago,
I walked past claes oldenburg,
Thinking of you...

But all that is over now.
I am alone,
I am going to japan...
Track Name: THE BAD MAN [Feat. Sam Buchanan]
I'm a bad man,
A bad, man.

Go away...

From the bad man,
The bad, man.

This year I'm spending,
Christmas in japan,
Without her I'm never,
coming home again.

Come home,
Come back home...

To you're bad man,
You're bad, man.
Track Name: Mungo Park [Feat. Denson, Sarah Reid]
Mungo Park, explored Africa,
Mungo Park, explored Africa...
And he drowned in Nigeria,
He Drowned in Nigeria.

Elephant, hunters in africa,
They raid the wilds, of jall-on-kadoo,
Ivory, is sold on the gambia-
River to, european men...
Where Mungo Park began,
His adventure in Africa.

Rainy season, men die on the way,
Down stream, the river niger,
Canoes attack, on the bussa banks,
When Mungo Park, explored Africa...
And drowned in Nigeria,
He Drowned in Nigeria.
Track Name: Hating On Girls [Feat. Rachel Hillary]
I only see them in the big strobe,
Bleaching the nightclubs to find,
the missionary's merked in uncertain terms,
but evade them like ghosts upon return.

I'm hating on girls,
cause there hating on me,
so I'm hating on girls,
I'm hating on girls.

So I just hang out with the boys,
I just hang out with the boys.

In every tear there is a treasure,
Harboured beside me like a death, the lanterns of,
Jealousy rise, I tell big lies
I thought I had found it in Budapest.

I'm hating on girls,
cause there hating on me,
so I'm hating on girls,
I'm hating on girls.

so I just hang out with the boys,
I just hang out with the boys.

It's a monumental task
For someone like me to ask
The world you want is flat
Why do you operate like that

I'm hating on girls...
Track Name: Moon Bear [Feat. Denson, Josef Charlton, Rachel Hillary, Tim Schiazza] / The Saddest Day In The World
At the top of the himalayas,
River beds gather the snow,
Conifer trees in the forest fall,
The moon bear sleeps below.

the bear hibernates a hole in the pine,
its coarse knots run into the spine,
the mountains sunk from the rain all month,
whilst you hunt, my moon...

Moon bear.

Across easter island,
Black heads line the shore,
Stone gods watching the south pacific,
Ocean, from a far.

The moons like a drum at the mountain peak,
Wish I could sleep well, if just for a week,
the mountains sunk from the rain all month,
whilst you hunt, my moon.

Moon bear.
Track Name: Grizzly Bear (Canada)
The moon stands like a headstone,
A telescopic, cycloptic eye,
A reminder of extraneous life,
A constant reminder of mine...

I picture myself as a grizzly bear,
Living in Canada,
If the night ever takes,
My childish dreams,
What will be left back here...
What will be left back here...

I hope she knows its found me,
The chill gathers inside,
and like a ghost she passes through me,
Retires and sets to die...

But sleeperhead is a fictional town,
and even I, cant stay here,
I will submit my childish dreams,
For I am not the grizzly bear,
I am not the grizzly bear...
Track Name: Are You As Good As I Remember
Track Name: House Party (The Death Of Caesar)
Its too, too late, to leave, or turn, turn it off man,
from these drunk bitches,
They might, they might, they might, they might, come home with us,
they wanna get fucked up,
I dont, dont wanna, dont wanna, dont wanna, have to talk,
like that all night.

I hate the cops, the fakes, the girls, and the bullies,
who make it hard for me,
It feels, good to, take it, from them, so I can have it,
when they dont notice me,
I dont, wanna spend, money, i want, it for free, everything for free.
Track Name: hanger [Feat. J.F. Hancell] / An Abattoir [Feat. Denson, Josef Charlton, Sarah Reid]
Like my, father has a broken back,
The isotropic terrapin,
The isotropic terrapin,
Its taupe shell is broken into fragments.

I hope, these seedlings,
Are no longer fabrications,
Are no longer fabrications,
but the bristle cone pine, endlessly grows, alone.

I think, I would do,
Almost anything,
Almost anything,
To meet her again, the prime mover.

The laborious tasks,
Asked of my constrictors,
Shared with my conflictors,
The cumbersome truths I know.


I watch my grandmothers death,
Through my fathers stress,
As I wait at baited breath.

The familiar songs rise like a ghost,
To the monolithic host,
I surrender to my-trespasses.

But the structure, of the open grave,
the structure seems the same,
Our house, moved from place to place.

Czech Republic.

I wish she could take back her goodbye,
and only tell me lies,
that she needs me by her side.

I'm encouraged by my father and my mother,
By denson and my younger brother,
They've helped me through the year.

My brother had his birthday today,
Like-an abattoir I wait,
An in-comprehensive cave.

Czech Republic.

And every-day-I ask myself, not to subside,
Till its embroidered or denied-
it binds, and serves me like a light.